TA for the Capacity Building of the Statistical Offices of Serbia and Montenegro


The overall objective of the project of which this contract will be a part is to contribute to the upgrading of the statistical system in Serbia & Montenegro (SCG) through the :
– Strengthening of the appropriate ability of the Statistical System of SCG to properly integrate methods and standards compatible with the European Statistical System (ESS);
– Establishing of fundamental grounds to support and enhance the ongoing and foreseen technical assistance in purely statistical areas.

Activities to be carried out:
Participate in the needs assessment: one week of work in Belgrade, NoviSad, Podgorica to draft the main tendencies and prepare for the reorganisation of the component.
A report is produced according to the standard of the project, submitted for approval by the team leader and the beneficiaries.
An independent mission report is prepared to summarize the discovered facts, emphasizing the problems at hand and the needs identified.
Prepare material for the courses to be given, including case studies and practical examples. Some material (in Serbian language) is provided by the Atos knowledge base in Serbia.Deliver a two stages series of sessions for with a local trainer (CVs to be submitted) participating to it as a trainee.
The Local trainer will deliver alone all further sessions.
A distance follow-up was exercied based on evaluation sheets from the participants and advises from the project (training coordinator).
Prepare the final evaluation report and provide recommendations for future activities. A mission to Serbia was organised to present it, combined with a follow-up of the last(s) session(s).



Beginning - END


Field of Expertise

Trade Policy


950 000,00€





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