Technical Assistance to the Trade Enhancement and Facilitation Programme


The overall objective of the Trade Enhancement and Facilitation Programme is: “to support the integration of Ethiopia into the World economy to enhance the contribution of trade to the country’s growth and transformation.”
More specifically, the purpose of this contract is to make available a TA team that will:
– Support and strengthen the capacity of the Ministry of Trade (MoT) and that of the Ethiopian Revenue and Customs Authority (ERCA) in overall TEFaP project coordination (including monitoring, communication and visibility of the entire programme);
– Provide technical support and advise to MOT and ERCA as well as all other beneficiaries of the TEFaP in the design, timely implementation, as well as monitoring and evaluation of all components of the project; and
– Support and advise in the administrative management of the TEFaP in line with EDF procedures.
The 6 expected results are:
– Support MOT and ERCA to ensure an efficient management and overall project coordination of the TEFaP.
– Support MOT and ERCA to ensure proper application of EDF procedures in the design and management of Programme Estimates (PEs) for all components of the project, as well as the design and management of specific commitments foreseen under the TEFaP.
– Support the strengthening of the capacity of key trade stakeholders to conduct and coordinate multilateral, regional integration and bilateral trade negotiations.
– Support to improve awareness and understanding of WTO accession process, as well as other trade negotiations, to the private sector and other stakeholders.
– Support to improve effectiveness of export promotion measures.
– Support the procurement, installation as well as the successful implementation of the new Customs Management System (CMS).



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Field of Expertise

Trade Policy


1 791 500,00€


DMI (leader)
SGS Nederlands B.V
Louis Berger



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