Training of the Civil Servant of the European Commission in WTO and Trade Related Issues.


To prepare an overall training programme consisting of three days training sessions based in Brussels as well as four days training sessions on a regional level based in the Delegations.
The training programme focuses on improving the Commission’s staff knowledge of Trade Related Assistance (TRA) in the following areas:
Presenting the basic concepts of trade and development;
Overview of the multilateral trade system;
Overview of the EC trade strategy in different regions (ACP, TACIS, CARDS, MEDA, Latin America, Asia), issues of regional integration, trade agreements (Economic Partnership Agreements, Association Agreements etc), the role of the EC as trade negotiator, challenges for TRA when setting up a Free Trade Area, South-South trade cooperation etc;Improving the knowledge of EC Trade policies and tools ;Practical examples of how to address trade issues at the different stages of the project cycle ;
Providing an overview of the core trade areas and the specific themes outlined in the annexes to the TRA ;
More in depth coverage and practical examples of how to develop TRA programmes in core trade areas.

The three technical areas suggested for the pilot training (to be confirmed) are: trade standards (SPS and TBT), trade facilitation (including customs) and the trade policy process. Case studies should cover different regions of EC cooperation.



Beginning - END


Field of Expertise

Trade Policy


500 000,00€





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