Approximation of Trade Legislation


Current problems in the area of trade legislation are horizontal and vertical.
While different in nature, both categories of problems are intertwined, and need to be addressed simultaneously to allow practical compliance with the SAA, acquis communautaire and WTO requirement.
The project will :
• assist the country in its transition to a market economy; and
• provide support to the competent national institutions in order to meet the challenges and requirements of the acquis communautaire and the WTO.

Expected results are:
• Specific pieces of national legislation in compliance with the EU “acquis communautaire” and WTO requirements.
• Developed institutional infrastructure that will ensure proper enforcement of the new legislation;
• Developed functions, capacities and expertise to facilitate and liberalise trading structures and activities;
• Best commercial practices and consultation in law-making process increasingly applied by business entities;
• Recommendations for adoption and implementation of laws on public enterprises (corporatisation), personal data protection) and on trade and international commercial arbitration (UNCITRAL models);
• Generated greater public awareness and policy advocacy capabilities among business community and civil society



Beginning - END


Field of Expertise

Trade Policy


1 000 000,00€


Planet GR



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