FAMEX Phase II : Support to the Fond d’Aide à l’Exportation


The second Exportation Markets Access Fund (FAMEXII) is a componant of the Second Program for Export Development (PDE2), elaborated by the Ministry of Commerce and the Center for Export Promotoon together with the World Bank. It was created for the private companies and professional organisation that are acting in the exportation area. The main objectives of the program are the following: ensure the continuing increase of exportations by increasing the number of exporting companies, reinforcing the companies’ capacities to access foreign markets and by diversifying the products and markets; Assist a minimum of 500 companies and 40 associations in the preparation of the exportation plans, in the implementation of its actions, in closing their files and handling final reports containing the achieved results linked to their activities within the framework of the FAMEX.



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Field of Expertise

Development & Business Environment


1 251 660,00€



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