Competitiveness and Export Development Support Fund (TASDIR)


The Support Fund for Competitiveness and Export Development TASDIR+ is part of the PDE 3 (Export Development Program), implemented by the Ministry of Development, Investment and International Cooperation (MDCI). It is a fund for co-financing actions undertaken by companies in their export development strategies.
The main objectives of the are :
Increase exports of Tunisian companies;
Increase the number of exporting companies; Introduce new goods and services with high added value and high export potential; Diversify markets by focusing on new markets beyond Western Europe and offering a strong export potential such as the markets of sub-Saharan Africa, the Maghreb, North America, Eastern Europe, Asia, …;
To support the professional associations and the groups of companies in their steps to the international and the development of the exports of the products with high added value.
The general objective of this mission is to develop a strategy for the fund by adopting a participatory approach including the various stakeholders.



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Development & Business Environment


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