Consulting mission for the reform of public governance in Morocco


The general objective of this mission is to contribute to the strengthening of public governance in Morocco, through the mobilization of high-level expertise, contributing to the realization of various reform projects related to the modernization of public administration.
More specifically, the mission will provide advice to national officials, particularly those of the Ministry of the Civil Service and Modernization of the Administration (MFPMA), in the implementation of various reform actions, grouped around the following three components
– Improvement of relations between the Administration and citizens/users and quality of public services
– Public governance and transparency;
– Development of human capital in the administration.
In addition to supporting these three reform themes, which are transversal/horizontal to the entire administration, the mission will also contribute to actions related to a fourth, vertical theme, specifically related to strengthening the management of the Ministry of the Civil Service and the Modernization of the Administration.

Component I: Relations between the Administration and citizens and the quality of public services
1.1: Simplification of procedures
1.2 : General law on administrative procedure
1.3: Establishment of a system of identification and publication of public services
1.4: Development of an interministerial call center for administrative information
1.5: Establishment of a unified approach to the development of departmental programs/projects
1.6: Design and implementation of a “quality of public services” approach
1.7 : Improving the reception in public services
1.8 : Capacity building of ministerial departments in the development of online services
1.9: Mutualization of management applications and the use of open source software in the administration
1.10: Support for strengthening the governance of information systems in the public administration

Component II: Public governance and transparency
2.1 : Implementation of the Public Services Charter
2.2: Fight against corruption
2.3: Implementation of the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC)
2.4: Regulation of Conflict of Interest (CoI) positions in the public sector
2.5: Implementation of the Right to Information (RTI) law
2.6: Communication around Modernization projects

Component III: Development of human capital in the administration
3.1: Overhaul of the General Statute of the Civil Service (SGFP)
3.2 : Introduction of a new recruitment system
3.3: Establishment of a system of validation of professional experience
3.4 : Training in the area of forward-looking management of jobs, staff and skills (GPEEC)
3.5 : Skills assessments, job mapping and training plans
3.6: Promoting performance monitoring and evaluation in the public sector
3.7 : Preparing the succession (retirement, transfer of competencies…)
3.8: Establish a career path system
3.9 : Convergence towards an integrated and unified information system for the management of HR in the Public Administration (HRIS)

Component IV: Vertical support: strengthening the administrative, financial and accounting management of the MFPMA
4.1 : Human resources management within the MFPMA
4.2 : Ministry manual(s) for administrative, financial and accounting management and strengthening of the internal control system.




01/08/2017 - 01/02/2020

Field of Expertise

Governance - Justice - Transparency


1 589 850,00€





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