Technical and financial proposal for the recruitment of external expert(s) to support a Tunisian company manufacturing olive oil and olive derivatives, to improve the marketing of its products abroad


The overall objective of the project is to conduct a circular economy Sabra Olive Oil (SOO) pilot to facilitate the transition to sustainable consumption and production (SCP) in Tunisia.
The specific objective of the mission is to define the international marketing and sales strategy of the company Sabra Olive Oil (Kairouan region) on its range of olive oil products and derivatives and to establish a realistic action plan to achieve results set by the company in the short and medium term.
The expected results are :
R1: Marketing and commercial diagnosis of the company SOO written;
R2: Reinforcement of the employees on the development of a marketing strategy, the marketing and commercialization;
R3: Elaboration and implementation of the marketing and commercial strategy.





field of expertise

Development & Business Environment


39 000,00€



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