Assessment of the deployment of advanced nursing practice in the Île-de-France region


The objectives are as follows:

1/ To map IPA graduate professionals in 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 practising in Ile-de-France (departmental maps, by type of structure and sector of practice and by specialisation); To compare and analyse the evolution of the maps.


2/ Assess the impact of the deployment of advanced nursing practice, by means of a survey of RPNs, professionals working with them, as well as users/patients and facility managers:

o Characterisation of functions and missions

o Positioning in the structure and/or on the territory

o Ease and difficulty of exercise

o Collaborations…

o Remuneration of persons and activities

o Effect of the financial support proposed by the ARS IDF.


Evaluate the transformation of the health system using a number of indicators, including medico-economic indicators:

o Facilitating access to care for patients and users and reducing delays in care,

o Improvement in the health status of patients undergoing API treatment,

o Reduction in the consumption of care: treatments taken, medical consultations, health transport, etc.

o Reduction of (re)hospitalisations.



Beginning - END


Field of Expertise

Public Health


150 000 €


ARS Île-de-France



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