Judicial Efficiency


The project aims at strengthening the independence, efficiency, quality and accountability of the judiciary enabling it to fight against all forms of crime through a more efficient criminal justice system in the Republic of Serbia.
The purpose of the contract is to improve the performance of the judicial bodies and their ability to measure performance through standardization of working processes and procedures, introduction of new and improved methodologies, better communication with the public, enhancement of professional competencies and revision of the legislative framework.
The project will address judicial efficiency at large, focusing on the network of courts of general jurisdiction and Public Prosecutor’s Offices.The project is structured into five interconnected components or groups of related activities designed to enhance efficiency:
Component 1 focuses on improving performance through the standardization and streamlining of working processes in courts and public prosecutor’s offices and through application of specific strategies in the courts that focus on backlog reduction, harmonization of jurisprudence and introduction of a case weighting methodology.
Component 2 activities focus on enhancing the ability of courts and public prosecutor’s offices to accurately and uniformly track, measure, monitor and report on their performance.
Component 3 focuses on enhancing access to courts and improving the ability of courts and public prosecutor’s office to communicate effectively with the public.
Component 4 aims at improving legislative and regulatory framework relevant to judicial efficiencyComponent 5 focuses on enhancing the professional skills and knowledge of relevant target groups.



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Governance - Justice -Transparency


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British Council
Ministry of Justice UK- Alternative Consulting- 4 Digits Consulting- Institut Mihajlo Pupin



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