Lot 7 Identification of the EU Intervention in Justice, Home Affairs and Security in Jordan


The global objective of the assignment was to contribute to the strengthening of the rule of law and human rights in Jordan.
The specific objective of the assignment was to identify a comprehensive programme and produce a complete set of project identification documents for an EU intervention in the Justice, Home Affairs and Security sectors.

The mission provided:
-An assessment of the Justice, Home Affairs and Security sectors in Jordan (including justice and penitentiary systems, security system, etc). This analysis included in particular: An assessment of the legal and regulatory frameworks. A sector governance analysis of both the justice and security sectors, in line with the relevant OECD DAC principles. An examination of ongoing and planned interventions by the Government of Jordan and donor community. A problems and gaps analysis and needs assessment of the relevant authorities, including in financial terms (absorption capacity). An assessment of the needs and expectations of the population.
-An analysis and assessment of the available options of support and aid-delivery methods for the implementation of the programme.
-The drafting of the Identification Report whose purpose will be to assess the feasibility of an intervention in the proposed sectors, Project Identification Fiche, Draft logical framework (overall objectives, specific objectives) and Terms of Reference for the subsequent formulation mission.



Beginning - END


Field of Expertise

Governance - Justice -Transparency


84 600,00€


B&S Europe



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