Support to PCA implementation, phase II


The overall objective of the project is to improve the country’s capacities in drafting laws, amendments and implementing regulations as well as applying them and to strengthen the country’s capacities in identifying policy priority areas relevant to the PCA. It also seeks to improve the country’s foreign investment climate and to raise the country’s trade turnover, in particular with EU Member states. The project’s target is to help strengthening the Government’s institutional capacities with the aim to implement the provisions to the PCA, in particular those related to Legislative Cooperation, Industrial Cooperation, Investment promotion and protection, Public Procurement, Standards and Conformity Assessment, Energy, Environment, Transport, Financial Services, SME’s and Economics. The project has 3 components namely:Legal approximation with a particular focus on economic, investment, external trade and environmental issues. This includes the identification of priority areas for the revision of the Kazakhstan legislation with the aim to make it compatible with relevant EU legislation as well as publications related to these issues. It also includes the preparation of case studies and the provision of extensive training to representatives of the Parliament and State institutions focussing on legislative drafting techniques, legal approximation to EU standards, harmonisation of the Kazakhstan legislation and analysing potential implication of laws. A study tour to the EU for the representatives of the Parliament (Mazhilis) to be organised. Developing Government Policy. This component focuses on the improvement of the business and investment climate, such as the identification and removal o discriminatory provisions of legislation that affect foreign investors and the establishment of foreigners, the identification and removal of administrative and regulatory constraints to business and the improvement of the regime of standards and conformity assessment. This will result in an Action plan taking into consideration the Government Procurement Agreement as well as the PCA commitments on intellectual property rights. This component includes, like component 1, extensive training to representatives of the State institutions, but focussing on economic and administrative reform matters. A draft on the creation of an institute/unit within the Government, expected to deal with PCA implementation matter in the future will be prepared. The most appropriate institution to which this unit could be attached to within the Kazakhstan Governmental structure needs to be identified. Workshops on the different policy making topics will be organised. Monitoring of PCA Implementation in the Republic of Kazakhstan. A study on the establishment of a monitoring system within the Kazakhstan Government on progress in implementing the PCA, will be drafted



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