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Support to PCA implementation, phase II

The overall objective of the project is to improve the country’s capacities in drafting laws, amendments and implementing regulations as well as applying them and to strengthen the country’s capacities in identifying policy priority areas relevant to the PCA. It also seeks to improve the country’s foreign investment climate and to raise the country’s trade turnover, in particular with EU Member states.

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Support to Ukraine in the field of customs

There is an urgent need to further improve harmonisation of Ukraine’s customs norms, standards and procedures to the EU’s acquis communautaire and best practices. In order to accelerate this evolution, it has been decided to launch a first institutional twinning between the State Customs Service of Ukraine and an equivalent Agency in a Member State…

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Support to Police

The overall objectives of this project are:-to support the transfer of responsibilities of Interior issue and Police from UNMIK to successor public bodies and ministries and assist in the creation of a viable and sustainable Ministry of Interior through a range of capacity building measures- to assist the development and strengthening of effective justice structures and policies in Kosovo, which guarantee a space of freedom, security and justice for all Kosovo’s citizens, in accordance with EU standards and best practices…

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Armenia-Support for Institutional, Legal and Administrative Reform phase IV

In line with the priority given by the Government to Partnership and Co-operation Agreement (PCA) implementation, reflected in the current preparation of a National Programme, the objective of this project is to further assist Armenia in the PCA implementation (e.g. approximation of legislation), to assist and advise on matters related to rights and obligations deriving from Armenia’s accession to the WTO and to pursue TACIS’s work in improving the investment/business environment.

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Development and business environments

Promotion Of The Exports Of SMEs In Cote d’Ivoire

Elaboration of an export / industrial development / investment promotion strategy for the Ivory Coast and reorganization of the country’s promotional services and agencies in collaboration with the Ministry of Trade. This included analysis and recommendations of the means of developing closer contacts and co-operation between the three main representative bodies qua producers (FNISCI), investors (CEPICI) and exporters (APEX-CI).

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Labor market, education and vocational training

Health and Climate Change

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