Trade Policy

Support to the Alignment of Technical Regulations and Enhancement of the Quality Infrastructure

The project’s objective is to support the development of a ‘business enabling’ environment by updating the approach to standards and technical regulations and quality infrastructure and to improve the compatibility between Turkmen standards and technical regulations and international practices, also with the scope of increasing the opportunities for market access for economic operators and the perspective of further alignment of technical regulations to WTO standards.

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Governance - Justice - Transparency

Judicial Efficiency

The project aims at strengthening the independence, efficiency, quality and accountability of the judiciary enabling it to fight against all forms of crime through a more efficient criminal justice system in the Republic of Serbia.

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Study on the Service of Documents – Comparative Legal Analysis of the Member States’ Relevant Provisions and Practices and Minimum Standards

Regulation 1393/2007 of 13 November 2007 on the service of judicial and extrajudicial documents in civil and commercial matters (the “Regulation” or the “Service Regulation”) has proven to be a successful means of improving judicial cooperation and transmission of documents within Europe and to function fairly well in practice.

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Development and business environments

EU-GCC Dialogue on Economic Diversification

The overall objective of the project is to contribute to stronger EU-GCC relations by supporting the GCC countries’ ongoing process of economic diversification away from hydrocarbon dependent sectors.
More specifically, the purpose of this contract is to promote climate-friendly trade, investment and economic affairs related policy analysis, dialogue and cooperation …

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Labor market, education and vocational training

Health and Climate Change

Monitoring and Evaluation

Mid-term Evaluation of EU-China Trade Project

With reference to the EU-China Trade Project aimed to support the further integration of China into the world economy, to assist the Chinese government in implementing its obligations under, and commitments in, the WTO and to increase the capacity of China in the process of wider economic, regulatory, legal and administrative reform, the overall objective of the evaluation activities will be to improve the design and the impact of the European Commission

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Final Evaluation for the EU-China Training Programme on Village Self-Governance

This mission produced the final evaluation of a five year long EU-China Training Programme on Village Self Governance, a capacity building project with particular focus on economic development and good governance at all levels. Context: The evaluated Programme’s aim was threefold: improving the long term cooperation between the PRC and the EU, enhancing the understanding and observance of law by local beneficiaries in the village framework, promoting the development of village self governance.

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Autres / Miscellaneous

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