Trade Policy

European Technical Assistance for Vietnam (ETV 2)

The overall objective of the ETV2 project is to improve economic and social development in Vietnam during its period of transition to a market economy by facilitating better decision making in the public and private sector, and the development of clear, rational transparent policies, strategic plans and legislation through strengthening of policy/legislation making capacity, promotion of change and results-oriented management and of means of implementation.

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Governance - Justice - Transparency

Support to the Reform of the Criminal Justice System in Georgia

The overall objective of this contract is to strengthen the rule of law and human rights protection in Georgia in line with Georgia’s own international commitments.
The specific objective of the project of which this contract will be a part is to further improve criminal justice sector in Georgia by advancing reforms in line with international standards and by enhancing and sustaining results already achieved under the first SPSP (ENPI AAP 2008) in Criminal Justice.

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Development and business environments

Préparation d’entreprises à la privatisation 

Il s’agit d’apporter au Ministère de la Participation et de la Promotion de l’Investissement et aux entreprises sous son égide, l’assistance technique nécessaire pour la préparation de la privatisation réussie et transparente d’une quarantaine d’entreprises publiques de moyenne et grande taille, d’entamer et d’appuyer jusqu’à son terme le processus de privatisation d’un certain nombre d’entre elles.

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Labor market, education and vocational training

Health and Climate Change

Monitoring and Evaluation

Facilitation of Danube River Border Crossing

The supply of telecommunication equipment, Hardware, basic Software, Development of compatible procedures, rules, protocols, security mechanisms, application software, specialised interfaces for Bulgarian Customs and Border Police authorities will allow exchange of information between them and between and the relevant Romanian counterparts.

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Autres / Miscellaneous

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