LEGALASIA – (Asia Information Technology and Communications Asia Legal Database

LegalAsia responds to the general need, identified by citizens, governments, universities, the enterprise and lawyers to access legal data in Asia in a format that matches their specific requirements, in as many countries in the Asian region as possible, abiding by the requirements of comparative law (allowing the comparison of different legal systems, and responding simultaneously to the concerns of legal actors of different cultures).

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Monitoring system of the Implementation of Projects and Programmes of External Assistance financed by the European Community-Lot 3 Asia

To gather results – oriented information on projects in the field and to report on progress.To interview representatives from all stakeholders in the field.To maintain and where possible improve the quality of programmes and projects in external co-operation through timely, independent, well-targeted information on project implementation.

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WTO Accession Support (Memorandum, Questions, Assistance to Negotiations)

The overall objective is to support and facilitate the accession of Yemen to the World Trade Organisation, thereby contributing to improved efficiency in the Yemeni economy and long term economic growth. The project focuses specifically on supporting the preparation and co-ordination of the accession process. This means that the project directly supports the WTO Co-ordination and Communications Unit in the Ministry of Supply and Trade.

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