Strengthening Chad’s Capacity in Multilateral Trade Negotiations

As an LDC member of the WTO, Chad seek to strengthen its institutional capacity to implement its WTO commitments and to be more effective in negotiating multilateral trade agreements.
The institutional strengthening was achieved by targeting the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Handicrafts, whose mandate include trade policy formulation and implementation.

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EU-China Managers Exchange and Training Programme (METP China)

The overall objective of the project is to support China’s reform process and to promote mutual understanding between China and the EU through the development of Human Resources.
The project aims at meeting the demand for EU-China co-operation towards improved management and intercultural exchange capacity for key players in the profit and non-profit sectors…

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Final Evaluation for the EU-China Training Programme on Village Self-Governance, lot 7

This mission produced the final evaluation of a five year long EU-China Training Programme on Village Self Governance, a capacity building project with particular focus on economic development and good governance at all levels. Context: The evaluated Programme’s aim was threefold: improving the long term cooperation between the PRC and the EU, enhancing the understanding and observance of law by local beneficiaries in the village framework, promoting the development of village self governance.

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MTP III Manager’s Training Programme

The MTP program is a manager training programme that was developed to provide training to executives from Russia, Central Asia and Mongolia.
It was launched as the most extensive and comprehensive answer to the East-West business challenge, focusing in particular in bridging the business Education and Cultural gap.

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