Support to the Reform of the Statistical System

To assist the client in the two countries;
To gather information about the local tourism markets;
To promote relationship with the local Administrations;
To coordinate the various partners during the implementation of the project; To inform the clients about local specificities.

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TRADE ENHANCEMENT PROGRAMME (TEP): Elaboration of the Project document for the Identification of TEP, Review of Present Foreign Trade Law in Light of WTO Requirements, Feasibility Study

Elaboration of the project document for the identification of TEP. To audit the current and immediate future situation and to design TEP by implementing the “Task Force” (Ministry of economy and Foreign Trade, Foreign Affairs, Finance, other ministries, customs authorities, private representatives of trade associations, chambers etc.) operations.

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Capacity Building for Tariff, Industry and Subdisy Analysis

The TA has four components:
1) Deepening the analysis of tariff and industrial impact analysis in Viet Nam. Assistance builds on the existing ADB tariff analysis that reviews the direction, structure of tariff policy analysis and its implication for performance of domestic manufacturing…

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MTP III Manager’s Training Programme

The MTP program is a manager training programme that was developed to provide training to executives from Russia, Central Asia and Mongolia.
It was launched as the most extensive and comprehensive answer to the East-West business challenge, focusing in particular in bridging the business Education and Cultural gap.

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Moldova WTO Accession Project

Moldova WTO Accession Project Description Evaluation. Country Moldova Beginning – END 01/09/2000-30/09/2000 Field of Expertise Monitoring & Evaluation Amount 5 000,00€ Client EC

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Economic Factors Affecting the Patent Co-operation Treaty

Identification of determinants of patenting decisions. Comparison of Intellectual Property protection from national regional and international filings.
Study on the possible impact of the financial Turmoil in the emerging markets, particularly the Asian Financial Crisis, on the Patent Cooperation Treaty of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and to develop an analytical Framework to:
Analyse Incentives for International patents filings;

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