EU INDIA joint Initiative for Enhancing Trade and Investment

The present project falls within the Asia Investment Facility.
The specific objectives are:
To increase awareness among European and Indian business operators of business conditions and opportunities prevailing in India in the concerned economic sectors; Engineering, Food processing, Information technologies, and telecommunications.

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Sector Investment Studies to Increase Awareness Among European and Indian Business Operators on Business Conditions and Opportunities Prevailing in India in the Concerned Economic Sectors

organisation of yearly summit, outline, from the private sector point of view, a set of measures that would be conducive to increasing EU-India co-operation in these sectors, support institutional capacity building and structural reform so as to enhance the benefits arising for India from the DOHA Development Agenda as well as to support the implementation of existing WTO agreement.

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Development of the Agri-food sector in China

Development and strengthening of the dairy sector and food processing sectors in China providing Technical Assistance and strengthening Business links with European Agro food sectors.
The project involved a broad range of SME development activities including counselling to Chinese entreprises, training to Chinese entrepreneurs and managers, and development of pre-feasibility studies to support business linkages with prospective European investors in the agro-food sector.

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