Armenia-Support for Institutional, Legal and Administrative Reform phase IV

In line with the priority given by the Government to Partnership and Co-operation Agreement (PCA) implementation, reflected in the current preparation of a National Programme, the objective of this project is to further assist Armenia in the PCA implementation (e.g. approximation of legislation), to assist and advise on matters related to rights and obligations deriving from Armenia’s accession to the WTO and to pursue TACIS’s work in improving the investment/business environment.

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Industrial Modernization Programme

The objectives of the project are:
to strengthen the institutional capacity of the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Planning and International cooperation and to assist the relevant Jordanian institutions I establishing a conducive environment for industrial modernization.

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European Technical Assistance for Vietnam (ETV 2)

The overall objective of the ETV2 project is to improve economic and social development in Vietnam during its period of transition to a market economy by facilitating better decision making in the public and private sector, and the development of clear, rational transparent policies, strategic plans and legislation through strengthening of policy/legislation making capacity, promotion of change and results-oriented management and of means of implementation.

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Trade Needs Assessment for Sri Lanka

The overall objective of the Trade Needs Assessment is to assist Sri Lanka to benefit more from international trade through increased and more effective participation in the multilateral trading system.

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Training Needs for Baltic Managers with EU Accession

The Baltic Management Development Association consisting of the International School of Management in Kaunas, the Riga Business School in Riga and the Estonian Business School in Tallin requested advice on the EU Structural Funds and Crossborder projects and the development of training programs and training materials for entrepreneurs, SME managers, business associations and local authorities.

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Facilitation of Danube River Border Crossing

The supply of telecommunication equipment, Hardware, basic Software, Development of compatible procedures, rules, protocols, security mechanisms, application software, specialised interfaces for Bulgarian Customs and Border Police authorities will allow exchange of information between them and between and the relevant Romanian counterparts.

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Training of Judges and Courtworkers

The design and implementation of a training program for judges, prosecutors and prison governors on the practice and procedure in the courts in France and Sweden in the transparency of court proceedings, the protection of privacy under the relevant EU directive and Member State legislation and court practices, and the dissemination of information about court proceedings and decisions to the public.

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