Mid-Term Evaluation of the Estheraid Project

This evaluation had as objective to assess the progress made towards the final objectives of UNITAID support to ESTHER for ESTHERAID, and the likelihood of the project achieving the objectives that were initially set. ESTHERAID provides support to 5 Francophone West African countries for supply chain management of medicines and tests for HIV/AIDS in children and 2nd line patients.

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Strengthening the Capacity of Government of Iraq to Reform and Manage Prisons and Juvenile Pre and Post Trial Detention Facilities in line with International Standards

The project’s purpose is to assist the Iraq Government in upgrading the country’s penitentiary system to comply to the international minima: Identification and contracting of a partner Iraqi organization; Recruitment of national and international experts on prison and juvenile justice focusing on pre and post trial detention and facilities…

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Feasibility Study of Context and Conditions for a Budget Support Programme in Regional Development

The Global objective of this assignment was to advise ECD Armenia on the appropriateness of EU funded budget support for regional development and, if so, the method of selecting relevant projects that meet an agreed set of conditionalities.
This required the review of current development strategy proposals being considered by the relevant government ministries (MoE, MoF and MTA).

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Technical Assistance to Customs and Tax Administration (TACTA)

The overall objective of this project is to continue the EU’s assistance to the Customs and Taxation administrations in the beneficiary countries in preparing for future EU membership. The goal is ultimately to create professional, effective and efficient administrations that will provide value for money to the taxpayers by using limited resources to the best effect and to maximise revenue collection.

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Lot 7 : Strengthening Civil Society – A Roma Strategy for Kosovo

Roma (in Kosovo also Ashkali and Egyptians) constitute the most marginalised people in Europe and are among the most vulnerable groups in the South-Eastern European Region (SEE). The urgency to address a sustainable integration of Roma and Sinti in Western and South Eastern Europe was addressed by OSCE participating states with the adoption of the Action Plan On Improving the Situation of Roma and Sinti within the OSCE Area in 2003.

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Support to PCA Implementation Ukraine

The purpose of the project is to support Ukraine in the implementation of the PCA provisions and EU-UA Action Plan, in particular in terms of operation of joint bodies established within the framework of the PCA, improvement of the system of monitoring of the implementation of the PCA and the EU UA AP, to be then used also for the implementation of the agreement to replace the PCA new enhanced agreement, fostering of enhanced relationships between the EU and the UA after the replacement of the current PCA agreement.

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Stratégie de développement du territoire de Corte-centre Corse

outenir le développement harmonieux et durable de l’économie du territoire Centre Corse : diversification des activités, création d’emplois, préservation de l’environnement et du patrimoine culturel.
Objectifs spécifiques:
Développer sur le territoire du centre Corse un tourisme durable, de qualité, générant des activités de service et de production variées, génératrices de revenus et d’emplois…

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Institutional Strengthening For Economic and Legal Reform

The project involved institutional strengthening to support legal and economic transition and reform including development of coordination mechanisms for the development of policy and legislation, and strengthening of the justice system. The project involved the development of a database on legislation and state-aid measures, review of legislation according to WTO requirements, development of WTO compatible legislation, development of an organisational structure for review of legislation and development of a strategic plan for the reform of the judicial system.

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