Study on a Thalassothérapie Project

Collecter des informations concernant le marché du tourisme à Maurice ; Etudier l’environnement politique et économique ; Rechercher un terrain ; Assister le client dans sa relation avec l’administration, le Mauritius Board of Investment

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ASEAN-EU Programme for Regional Integration Support (APRIS) sub-project No. 0502: TECHNICAL Training Programme

The specific objectives of this specific technical training sub-project are:
To increase the general level of understanding among Secretariat staff members of the aims, benefits, models and components of economic integration;
To increase awareness of the “bigger picture” (the policy decisions taken by ASEAN, and interrelationships between the different technical areas), thereby promoting commonality of purpose and vision among Secretariat staff members…

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Support for the Implementation of the Trade, Commercial and Economic Co-operation Agreement (TCA) between the EU and the Republic of Tajikistan

The main objective of this project is to establish the capacity within the Tajik administration to identify priority areas for implementation of the trade, economic and commercial provisions of the TCA The specific objectives are:To strengthen the countries capacities in drafting laws and implementing regulations.To improve the country’s foreign investment climate…

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Support to the Reform of the Statistical System

To assist the client in the two countries;
To gather information about the local tourism markets;
To promote relationship with the local Administrations;
To coordinate the various partners during the implementation of the project; To inform the clients about local specificities.

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Drafting of the law on E Commerce in Russia

Assist the Russian Federation to develop legislation and to improve the business for e-commerce including e-signature and e-commerce laws and to prepare for future legislation related to distance selling and consumer protection, liability of Internet Service Providers and data protection.

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