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Mid-term Evaluation of EU-China Trade Project

With reference to the EU-China Trade Project aimed to support the further integration of China into the world economy, to assist the Chinese government in implementing its obligations under, and commitments in, the WTO and to increase the capacity of China in the process of wider economic, regulatory, legal and administrative reform, the overall objective of the evaluation activities will be to improve the design and the impact of the European Commission

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Study of EU Trade & Investment Opportunities and Challenges in Indonesia

The overall objective of the assignment is to identify the opportunities (market potential, competitiveness, market opening etc.) and challenges (regulatory obstacles, investment climate, fair competition etc.) that the Indonesian market poses to EU companies, which will provide the basis for enhanced cooperation through different avenues (FTA negotiations, bilateral dialogue and cooperation etc.) for the mutual benefit of the EU and Indonesia.

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Studies, Assessments and Presentations Regarding Trade, Businesses and Regional Economic Integration

ssistance to European Commission departments in the analysis and identification of needs, in the assessment of the impact of external aid and/or in defining strategic priorities for countries and regions in the sectors of trade, businesses and regional economic integration (objectives of EU cooperation; critical analysis of policies implemented by beneficiary countries; analysis of the political situation, etc.).

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Development and business environments

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